Shikari Shambu

Top: Vero Moda
Shorts: AJ Store
Jacket: Friend’s
Neckpiece: Swarovski 
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag: Hong Kong Market, Siliguri
I was never one of those kids who wouldn’t eat unless there was cartoon playing on the TV. I didn’t enjoy cartoons, but I did watch some like Tom & Jerry and Popeye because my friends couldn’t stop talking about cartoons, so peer pressure and all that. I didn’t want to be the odd one out.
I liked my books and by that I mean my Fairy Tales. I’m embarrassed to tell you the age till which I read them! So I am going to skip that detail. My train journeys introduced me to Tinkle and Archie’s comics. I was in boarding school so every holiday, we travelled a lot..sometimes to some far off relatives places or on a family trip. Tinkles were my company then. I liked it even more because I wasn’t really allowed to read them in school since they supposedly mess with your grammar.
These pair of shorts take me back to that time. They remind me of Shikari Shambu. The hunter who managed to trap animals by fluke and save people. You remember? I had always hoped that someday we would be able to see his face.
Good ol’ days. 

Crop Tops Not Just For The Skinny

Crop Top: BK Market, Calcutta
Boots: Shreeram Market, Calcutta
Neckpiece: Exhibition in Forum, Calcutta
Ring: Shoppers Stop
The easiest way to wear a crop top without showing too much skin or as in my case, your love handles, is to pair it with something high waisted. You cannot ever go wrong with high waisted pants or skirts. They cinch the waist and make it look smaller. *I love you inventor of high waisted everything.* 
Crop tops look nice with maxi skirts too. I paired mine in this post with a straight fit maxi skirt, but you could pair them with one of those flowy maxi skirts or the A-line ones. I usually prefer loose crop tops *it hides the bulging tummy better*, but the form fitting ones go better with the flowy and A-line skirts.
Since all my crop tops are kinda loose, I also like wearing them over another top or even a dress.
Wearing a crop top with a blazer or jacket is another way of sporting this trend without showing too much.
These are my favourite ways to wear a crop top, tell me yours?

Hello 2014!

I am having the time of my life. Perfectly lazy days, waking up when I want to, never getting out of the blanket, watching The Mindy Project or reading The Namesake and eating..a lot. This is home! The sad part is this will all be over in a week and I’ll be back in Chennai, waking up at 7 in the morning, running to college and assignments and what not! Excuse me while I enjoy my last few days at home.
Denim: Vero Moda
Top: Zara
Bag: Janpath, Delhi
Shoes: New Market, Calcutta
This is how I brought in the new year with family..away from the city, in the wild. Happy New Year, people! Have a wonderful 2014.