Palazzo Pants

 Palazzo Pants- BK Market, Calcutta (Rs 650)
Top- Latin Quarters (Rs 300 bought during sale)
Bag- Stolen from Mum

 In my ‘know me’ section I’ve mentioned that I started blogging very randomly. But, now when I go to think about it, it wasn’t all that random. When I found out that there is this huge community of fashion bloggers via StylePile, I was blown away. Girls wearing the prettiest clothes, sharing style tips. There was so much inspiration! I have always loved dressing up and getting clicked. Having my own space on the internet where I could blabber about my life and share my style felt right! That’s why the blog happened and it’s been eight months already! Just like life, my blog has seen ups and downs too. I remember waiting eagerly for comments and re-reading comments a million times but when the comments/followers began increasing, it suddenly became a number game for a while. I then reminded myself why I was doing this and numbers didn’t matter. I blog because it is something I’m passionate about and because blogging has taught me so many things. One being fashion has no rules! The blog helps a lazy person like moi stay fashionable all the time. I make sure I’m dress well all the time most of the time *I have my jeans and tee days too* I experiment and accessorize more..stare at my wardrobe for long hours to come up with an outfit and recycle more. Blogosphere has given me the courage to walk down the road with a red pant and yellow blouse without feeling stupid or with half of Calcutta staring. I ignore the stares and wear what I want. It makes me happy!
That is why I will always come back here no matter how hectic life gets to share joy, sorrow, whine, inspire and of course, to share outfits!
Since this is such a ’emotional-about-my-blog’ post, I should thank all of you..readers, followers, passer-bys, stalkers *if there are any..ha!* for your appreciation and support. Without you, I’d feel I’m talking to the walls. Thank you 🙂

About the outfit: Palazzo pants have been a rage since last year..since we saw Serena look beautiful in them in Gossip Girl. As much as I loved looking at girls carry them off so well, I didn’t dare buy one! I hated experimenting..I was most comfortable in my dresses and skirts with lots of flowers on them! But, fashion is about having fun. no? Trying new things? That’s exactly what I’m doing..In fact, I’m contemplating buying them in a few more colours..they’re perfect to beat the Calcutta heat!

InFB Remix- Pastels

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

Blouse-Fashion and You (Rs 450)
Bag-Fashion and You
Shoes-Simpark Kolkata (Rs 1500)

 So our very own Indian fashion bloggers’ community InFB has started this very interesting thing called InFB Remix where a trend will be chosen and we bloggers have to wear it in our own ways and link the post back to the InFB page. Easy no? One many different ways..excited much?

I wasn’t too happy that pastels had been chosen. I’m more of a neon fact, my mum says if I ever get lost anywhere, searching for me wouldn’t be difficult..ha! I was so ready to sit back and see other bloggers rock this style. But on one of those typically I-have-nothing-to-wear-days when I was staring into my wardrobe, I saw these never-worn ignored pants quietly sitting there..and I thought I’d give this trend a try..I know the pants look white, but its is a very light shade of pink. For a change, I wanted to stick to pastels so I opted for a purple ruffle top and beige bag!

In other news, the job has begun as in full time as a permanent employee! I have to work late hours so I’ve been busy and also there is like a crazy amount of paper work.

Tell me what you think of the outfit..yay or nay?