DIY: Poms Poms (Part I)

I love pom poms. In everything: be it my clothes, between my books, in my room, on my ears or around my neck. They’re round, fluffy and colourful. What’s not to love? Once you learn how to make them, they’re addictive. So here is an easy-peasy way to make them. 
If you want to make smaller pom poms, you can substitute your fingers with a fork.
Make as many pom poms as you can make. In Part II, I will show you how to put all of them to use.

Fat is not a bad word

I have stomach flab that makes me look a few months pregnant and arms that look like a planet in itself. It refuses to leave me. Not that I have worked towards getting rid of them. I end up choosing ice cream every single time. But I can’t stop cribbing. I put on outfit after outfit to find the least fattening one and just when I think I’ve managed to camouflage all the flabbiness, someone points out how fat I look. If only I could put all those hours spent coming up with the least fattening outfit to good use! May be I could’ve ruled the world but we will never know now. Sigh!

This is an ordeal most women go through I believe. A friend of mine once asked me, “Do you think he’d love me if I wasn’t fat?” The other day I called some parts of my body ‘problem areas’ in a blog post. It didn’t sound wrong until I re-read it. I had just called my body a problem without realizing it.   

I know I am supposed to love my body despite its oddities and on some days, I think I do just like my friend who otherwise carries herself with the the kind of confidence I can only envy. When a sister, brother or friend comments that I look fat in a dress, I change knowing I should be able to wear what I want. .This reminds me of a line I read in Chimamanda’s ‘We should all be Feminists’: I am trying to unlearn many lessons of gender I internalized while growing up.” 
We are harsh on ourselves because we try to match the impossible beauty standards set by society consciously and subconsciously. In a moment of weakness, my friend related her self worth to how she looked while I let all those articles on dressing for your body type and how to look thinner get to me.
Loving your body the way it is is easier said than done. This may sound right out of a self-help book, but it’s true. You look good if you feel good. 

We have to make a conscious effort to accept the body we have and unlearn what society has taught us or laugh it off when someone calls us fat. Fat is just fat. It is a little extra weight. How bad could it be? 

If you like what you see in the mirror, wear it. Comfort is what matters most. Thin or fat, if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, you will not be able to carry it off. If you are comfortable in shorts or a skirt or a crop top, wear it and if you’re comfortable adding a cape over it, do it because you want to and not because of societal norms. Wear what you want, how you want it! It’s your body. You get to decide.

I decided to write this post because I almost wrote a post calling my body a problem. I would never want anyone reading my blog to think that their body has a problem just because of that extra flab.When we put out things on the internet for millions of people to read, we cannot do so recklessly.  Your body is never a problem. We need to unlearn what pages in those glossies, relatives and society has told us and learn to love the way we look with or without the flab. Fat is not a bad word. 

For all those who think that I am not fat enough to be writing this post, I’d like to tell you that we are all fighting our own insecurities. What could seem insignificant to you, could be a big deal to me. 
I hadn’t posted these pictures because I looked fat in them. So here I am trying to practice what I preach and de-cluttering my drafts yet again.

Dress: Atmosphere (Bought from an export house)
Bamboo sunglassses: Woodgeek Store
Scarf: Stolen from friend
Loafers: Anupriya’s 
Bag: Vero Moda

Photos taken by Anupriya of StylePrism

A Cape Story

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love fashion and those who couldn’t care less about it. I obviously belong to the first category and like every fashion girl, my life is filled with non-fashion people. Brothers who do not get what a clutch is. Isn’t that supposed to be in a car? Relatives who worry that I like my ‘nightie’ so much that I wear it outside and call it a maxi dress. Strangers who call me a garden because too much floral. Colleagues who call me Krish or Batman or *insert a superhero name here* because I’m wearing a cape. Wait! Can you fly in that? I wish.
I love capes even though they don’t make a superhero out of me.I settle with the drama they add to my outfit. A little drama in life and clothes spices things up.
It is the perfect style addition, their superpower being to un-blah an outfit. This wonderful piece of clothing also does not give a rat’s ass about seasons. Such blasphemy in fashion, no? No. Capes are the perfect all-year-round piece. This cape is perfect for summer and fall. It works great as a transition piece. These pictures were taken in January. You see the versatility?
I love the drapes in this cape and did not want to take attention away from it. So I wore it with a fitted denim dress, polka dotted socks and sneakers. These pictures were taken at Sunday Soul Sante in January where I was helping the Woodgeek store people with their stall. For all those who don’t know, Sunday Soul Sante is a flea market that takes place in Bangalore twice a year. It is one Sunday of shopping, food and music. I hadn’t shared these pictures because the quality isn’t great. But here I am de-cluttering my drafts.
Tell me how would you have styled this cape?

Dress & Socks: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Cape: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Shoes: Vans via Myntra

9 ways to style a kurta with BIBA

If there existed something called a fashion superpower, India’s would be kurtas. Kurtas are the one piece of clothing to be found in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. What white shirts and LBDs are to western wear, kurtas are to Indian wear.

Beyonce may have told us who run the world (Girls. Obvoiusly. No points for guessing) But she forgot to mention that we do so in comfortable clothing. I should mention comfortable yet fashionable clothing. Fashion knows not comfort. We women take on the world in style and comfort. And well, there is nothing as comfortable and stylish as kurtas for women. 

Kurtas also happen to be more versatile than we give them credit for. The ways to style them are endless. While most women opt for the foolproof kurta-and-leggings combination, there are so many different ways to jazz them up. 

The one place that has never disappointed me when it comes to Indian wear is BIBA. From everyday kurtas to chic anarkalis, BIBA  has it all! BIBA is the perfect amalgamation of Indian heritage and textiles with modern silhouettes. Their kurtas for women are simple yet stylish and will take you through the day with ease. I remember buying my very first kurta from the BIBA store next to my house in Calcutta. I haven’t stopped since and lucky for me, they even sell online now.

I have selected some of my favourite kurtas from the BIBA website and created looks around them. Today we are going to put to test the versatility of my favourite kurtas from the their website.

1. Cropping Around

I love how elegant this anarkali kurta from BIBA is and such elegance deserves some pain in the form of heels. Pair this with cropped pants and you’re all set!

2. Smocking around in Dhoti Pants

This flared kurta for women is one of my favourites from BIBA. Skip the regular leggings and wear it with dhoti pants, kolhapuris and an embroidered bag. This kurta can also pass off as a smock dress. Wear it with brogues or a pair of sneakers and a bindi for an indo-western look.

3. The staple

A solid coloured kurta is an absolute must in a tropical country like ours. This pale blue kurta from BIBA will get you through those hot and humid summer months in a breeze. There are millions of ways to style a solid coloured kurta. I have created two looks with this kurta. Colourblock this kurta with bright palazzo pants and a fun scarf or pair it with printed leggings and tassel earrings.

4. The Staple 2.0
5. Hey Shorty!
I have never been too fond of short kurtas. It’s an awkward length for a kurta okay? But this kurta from BIBA stole my heart. Pair it with cute pleated shorts or a pair of denim shorts, quirky slip-on sandals, sunglasses and a tote!
6. Print Mixing
I love Ikat so I will always be a little partial to everything Ikat. Mix and match with BIBA. Wear this ikat printed kurta from BIBA with a pair of blue ikat print pants also from BIBA. Add a pair of statement earrings, a bindi and tasseled flats in keeping with the colour scheme of the outfit.
7. Coordinating with Kurta
We Indians have been coordinating with kurta sets long before co-ords became a thing. Pair this casual kurta for women from BIBA with cropped pants in the same fabric, a black bag to break the monotony and orange heels.
8. Maximization
Another fun way to wear a kurta is with a maxi skirt. This basic kurta from BIBA with its subtle colours is perfect for work. Jazz it up with a floral skirt like this one from your wardrobe.
9. Make it a Dress
Anarkalis are elegant and royal. But it wouldn’t hurt anyone to ditch the leggings once in a while and wear it as a pretty flowy floral maxi. Create a boho look with this kurta from BIBA. Accessorise with silver jewellery and pretty tasseled sandals.