Ripped Apart

Three years ago, I could never see myself wearing this. I was all about my florals, neons, hearts and bows. Today too much neon hurts my eye. Though I don’t mind them once in a while, I could literally live in my ripped denims, Vans and oxfords now. How we change with time! Oh the number of times I’ve cringed after seeing what I was wearing in those old pictures! I loved reading chick-lit books once upon a time, today I prefer classics over them. 

But it’s not just our style and tastes that change. We’re constantly evolving as human beings too. What seemed ‘cool’ a few years back, embarrass us now. Most conversations with old friends end with ‘How could we have done that!’ Sometimes reminiscing, sometimes regretting. It’s all a part of growing up. Life is all about change! *and this is the 100th time I’ve said this in the blog*

Despite all of that, I find myself wondering if people really have the capacity to change. Can we change ourselves for good or for worse? Or is it just for a short span till we go back to being the same old us? Being the optimist that I am, I’d like to believe so. But I’m not too sure.
Top: Mango
Denims: Only
Shoes: Vans via Myntra
Neckpiece: ASOS
Bag: Westside

8 thoughts on “Ripped Apart”

  1. I am seriously loving the trend , and the way u carry it in a rock chica fashion .Love it !
    And the dress you asked me about is from Bandhej ! They just recently opened up their store in Delhi !


  2. Oh I feel you! I cringe when I see what I used to wear back in 2007-2008, Victoria Secret PINK hoodies, ALL OF THE TIME. Now? Barf! I LOVE this look! The jeans are cute, but I really adore that necklace!


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