DIY: Revamp Your Shirt!

If only God was kind enough to let us change our wardrobe every once in a while without spending any money! But he isn’t, so we girls have to find our ways..inexpensive ways to keep our wardrobes interesting. And what better way than DIYs! 
I’ll be starting a section on DIYs with this post. Now let me warn you, I am an extremely lazy person and also with college and stuff, I can’t really comment on the regularity of the posts. But I shall try! 
So here goes the first one:

What you need:

3-4 CDs
A bowl where your CDs fit in
Fabric glue or Fevi Quick
A shirt

  1.  Take a bowl of water.
  2.  Put the CDs in it.
  3. Microwave for about 5 min.
  4. Let the CDs cool for a bit.
5. Wipe away the water.
6. Cut the CDs into half.
7. You will notice the plastic part of the CD coming out. Take it off gently. 

8. This is how it’ll look while you are taking it off. You can obviously use both your hands. I had to take the picture while taking it off hence could use only one hand.
9. Once the plastic part is out, this is how it’ll look. Mine’s a little messy but it doesn’t matter.
10. Next, cut the CD into triangles or whatever shape you want.
11. Stick it on the collar with glue.

12. And TADA…it’s done!
13. Now you could do this on a tee or even a pair of shoes.

DIY Source: Pinterest
Shirt: BK Market, Calcutta

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