Hello 2014!

I am having the time of my life. Perfectly lazy days, waking up when I want to, never getting out of the blanket, watching The Mindy Project or reading The Namesake and eating..a lot. This is home! The sad part is this will all be over in a week and I’ll be back in Chennai, waking up at 7 in the morning, running to college and assignments and what not! Excuse me while I enjoy my last few days at home.
Denim: Vero Moda
Jacket: koovs.com
Top: Zara
Bag: Janpath, Delhi
Shoes: New Market, Calcutta
Neckpiece: stylefiesta.com
This is how I brought in the new year with family..away from the city, in the wild. Happy New Year, people! Have a wonderful 2014.

16 thoughts on “Hello 2014!”

  1. Didn't you get those pants the day you met us? I so remember complimenting your you-know-what in them! 😛 And you're reading Namesake? Good. With this one,you'd be done with all Jhumpa Lahiri books,no? It's my least favourite one,if you ask though. Found it a bit too slow and self-indulgent. But then,it perfectly matches your current mood. So,guess you'd have a good time after all.


  2. Thanks so much fr ur sweet comment.. love ur blog design & the moustache logo… so cute & neat design….
    Nice bag.. lets follow each other… following u .. lemme know if u do too..


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