Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013! It’s almost 2014 and we’re still alive. The world didn’t end in 2012, you guys! Now, that came a year too late, innit? Anyway, happy 2014!

2013 didn’t change my life. Like all years, there was good and bad – big decisions, heart break, friends lost and gained. The drama of life! I shall spare you the details and show you my year in fashion instead, this being a fashion blog.

So these were some of my outfits in 2013. Which one’s your favourite?

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013”

  1. Outfit no. 5. Why don't do a poll like Tanvii does? That'd have been way more to fun,seeing the outfits compete against each other! Anyway,many many happy returns of the day,sweetie! You are drop dead gorgeous and that's NOT the reason I love you SO much! *Hugs and kisses*


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