Of Birthdays and Newness

Birthdays have lost its charm. This is either an aged me talking or a grown up me. I’d go with the grown up one! As a kid, birthdays were THE DAY for me. I counted months and days till my next birthday. The presents, cake and dress were all so exciting! Birthday dress shopping was a ritual. I didn’t buy a new dress for the birthday this time. Like always, I did go dress shopping, but only to decide I didn’t need a new one. Birthdays are just days in which you cut cakes now. And that is a MUST!
Also, I hope you noticed some newness on the blog this time. We’re a dot com finally! I couldn’t be happier to get rid of that embarrassing url. Tell me you don’t remember what is was? Impulsive decisions can be the worst thing ever sometimes and sometimes they can be just what you needed. Like the haircut!
Coming to the outfit, layering can be such a saviour! I threw in a denim shirt over the dress to avoid being ogled at. Honestly, I don’t know if it helps. But you DO NOT go out on slingy clothes in Chennai. Sigh! 
Dress/Denim Shirt: Calcutta (don’t remember the store’s name)
Shoes: Forever New
Bag: Gifted
On my lips: Rubis Rouge by Chambor

I had to share these. They were hilarious! Pictures from http://www.collegehumor.com/

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