Madras Diaries: The Shift

I’ve been in Chennai for almost two months. Time does fly, doesn’t it? It isn’t that bad a city if you ask me. Well yes, the weather! There isn’t a minute when it’s not hot here and the food! I’m not too fond of South Indian food *you can go ahead and call me crazy*. The city’s also given me more reasons to love it..the Zara store has finally opened here and Mango will open soon. Yay! They have some amazing Ladies Nights too at the clubs here *unlike Calcutta*.

AND THE CITY HAS BEACHES! That really is the best part! But these pictures are from Mahabalipuram, which is a 45-minute drive from here. And you cannot not wear a maxi to the beach!
I do miss Calcutta so much. I miss familiarity. I miss the familiar faces. The friends I have known forever. The ‘this is my city’ feeling. The yellow taxis. The dirty streets, actually not really. The proximity to family. The shopping. I miss my old boring life. But I don’t want it back. It’s not necessary to want back everything you miss, right?
Being back in college feels strange. But it’s sinking in gradually! And boy, is it not hectic? The word assignments makes me want to strangle myself to death. But I’m where I wanted to be. I have assignments that involve clothes and malls and fashion. Hectic as it is, I am glad I decided to leave my job and study further. Now let’s hope something good comes of it, eh?