Daddy’s Little Girl

Sometimes the small little treasures are hidden in the street shops. I bought this skirt from Sarojini for Rs 30! It isn’t just about the cheap prices. It is the excitement of finding a beautiful piece among a heap of clothes. It is nothing like walking into a prettily decorated store at the mall with clothes hanging on racks. You have to hunt for the good pieces and that is the fun part! Well of course, mall shopping has its charm too.

Top: Zara (Rs 1800)
Skirt: Sarojini (Rs 30)
Shoes: Janpath (Rs 890)
Bag: Janpath (Rs 1000)
Collar neckpiece: Exhibition, Calcutta (Rs 1000)
On my lips: Mac Daddy’s Little Girl (Rs 1100)

6 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl”

  1. 30???????? Seriously??? I need to go to Sarojini Nagar….NOW! *sigh*

    You love so pretty! And that necklace is super-awesome! 🙂

    P.S: Don't forget to drop in @ Shisha on the 18th/19th! 😉


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