Another year. 
Another time to start afresh. 
Another chance to be a better you. 
Here’s hoping we can all keep the promises made to ourselves and others this year. 
Happy New Year!

Pants-BK Market (Rs 650), Top- Fashion and You (Rs 450), Blazer- Le Souk Exhibition (Rs 2300), Wedges- Hong Kong Market, Siliguri (Rs 900), Bag- Shreeram Arcade (Rs 650), Neckpiece- Westside 

Sharing pictures of a recent blogger’s meet. We had two in December by the way. I could give you a detailed account of our discussion, but then again I’d have to make you sign a consent form confirming you’re above 18! We chose to go to Victoria Memorial because we wanted to show Megha around the City of Joy. So you see, we, Calcutta bloggers, are good hosts too. I don’t need to mention how much fun it was, do I?

With Debi

Picture Credit- Anupriya and Debi

14 thoughts on “2013”

  1. You gorgeous woman, love the necklace and the blazer. You are so freaking amazing, as a person and that's what makes you so beautiful. The blogger's meet in Kolkata always looks fun! You all look so stylish and wonderful!

    <3, Sonshu, www.thesonshu.com


  2. Oh! How I wish I wore heels….then even I could have the Victoria Memorial in the background of my pictures!! 😦

    Anyway, you look lovely, as always! I love these pants of yours! And the necklace too!
    And of course, it's ALWAYS such fun to hang out with you guys!!! 😀


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