Maxi dress- Fashion and You (Rs 650), Cardigan- Gifted, Shoes- Simpark (Rs 850), Bag- Shoppers Stop

“In the afternoon dark clouds suddenly color the sky a mysterious shade and it starts raining hard, pounding the roof and windows of the cabin. I strip naked and run outside, washing my face with soap and scrubbing myself all over. It feels wonderful. In my joy I shut my eyes and shout out meaningless words as the large raindrops strike me on the cheeks, the eyelids, chest, side, penis, legs, and butt – the stinging pain like a religious initiation or something. Along with the pain there’s a feeling of closeness, like for once in my life the world’s treating me fairly. I feel elated, as if all of a sudden I’ve been set free. I face the sky, hands held wide apart, open my mouth wide, and gulp down the falling rain.”

-Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Moment of Victory

The joy of picking up up a navy blue and fuchsia pink sweatshirt from a pile of cardigans for men in the forever-busy streets of New Market. I have known that joy. Dramatic much? Ha!
If you’ve been to New Market in Calcutta, you know how it is to walk past the Grand Oberoi Hotel way. With hawkers on both sides screaming ‘chori ka maal’ and ‘yeh le lo sister’ and people pushing you all over the place, I never know whether to be extra careful about my bag or save myself from pinches in the wrong places.
My friend and I decided to fight through the crowd the other day and check out the cardigans being sold on the streets. Spotting this pretty piece was my moment of victory. And the shopkeeper said something like “Itni pyari hasi deke, aap mujhe lut rehe ho.” He charged 300 bucks.

Sweatshirt- New Market (Rs 300), Skirt- Custom-made, Bag- Simpark (Rs 800), Neckpiece- Stalkbuylove, Shoes- Lady Gaga

Last month, Sushmita of My Unfinished Life came down to Calcutta, giving us bloggers another reason to meet. We decided to take Sushmita for some shopping to our favourite BK Market. By the plastics in our hand, you know we shopped. I didn’t plan on shopping, but I still did. I’ve come to realise most of my shopping is done when I’ve accompanied someone else shopping. They shop or not, I DO NOT come back without a shopping bag or may I add, bags. Such is life! Sigh!
Anyway, though it was a short meet, it was fun and yes, Soumi as usual was our source of entertainment. The clip you see on my hair is a gift from Anupriya! Yay! *We missed you Debi*

Some leather, please?

I have never been a leather person. Until this year, I didn’t own anything leather. But leather is really beginning to grow on me.
Badass isn’t me..but sometimes its nice to try something outside your comfort zone. Fashion really isn’t as interesting if you can’t have fun with it, innit?
Leather jackets are more versatile than most of us would like to believe. Throw in a leather jacket and a pair of boots to tone down the girliness of a floral dress or wear it the typically biker chic way with some red lips! Wear it with a maxi skirt/dress, minis and even high-waisted shorts with stockings! Experiment!
I decided to wear mine with neon because you know I cannot do without colours in my life!

Jacket: Vero Moda (Rs 3250), Top: Promod (Rs 700 on sale), Jeans: Bossini (Rs 1300), Belt/Bag: BK Market (Rs 250, Rs 850), Shoes: Simpark (Rs 1100), painted by sister


Another year. 
Another time to start afresh. 
Another chance to be a better you. 
Here’s hoping we can all keep the promises made to ourselves and others this year. 
Happy New Year!

Pants-BK Market (Rs 650), Top- Fashion and You (Rs 450), Blazer- Le Souk Exhibition (Rs 2300), Wedges- Hong Kong Market, Siliguri (Rs 900), Bag- Shreeram Arcade (Rs 650), Neckpiece- Westside 

Sharing pictures of a recent blogger’s meet. We had two in December by the way. I could give you a detailed account of our discussion, but then again I’d have to make you sign a consent form confirming you’re above 18! We chose to go to Victoria Memorial because we wanted to show Megha around the City of Joy. So you see, we, Calcutta bloggers, are good hosts too. I don’t need to mention how much fun it was, do I?

With Debi

Picture Credit- Anupriya and Debi