Today I am the bearer of good news. The launch of a new online store is around the corner. And what could be more exciting than a new place to shop, right?
This is a part of the new collection of I KNOW, the brainchild of Timsy and Sidhartha. If you haven’t heard of them already, Timsy is the designer of the label while Sidhartha handles the business part. They have showcased at the Indian Premiere London Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week.
What strikes me most about this collection is the simplicity of design, the clean cuts. The designs are minimal and uncluttered, which is why I love this collection. Also, having so many people complain of drab and boring office wear, I am happy to bring to you this collection of the perfect pin-tucked and colour-blocked shirts. And what’s more..they have menswear too! 
A classic white shirt is a must-have. But to find ‘that’ perfect white shirt difficult. I think my search is over.
Did I tell you how much I love the pintucks?
I love how different this shirt is!
The placement of buttons and the colour blocking. Pure love.
This is my absolute favourite from their women’s wear.
The strips of green is doing so much for the shirt

Save the date, girls and boys. 17th November is the launch of Timsy and Sidhartha’s online store Show them some love, okay?

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