More Oxblood

He: Marry me?
She: But I don’t cook.
He: I doesn’t matter.
She: Do you cook?
He: No. We’ll eat just about anything okay?
They died of stomach ulcers.
Some more oxblood/burgundy! It’s safe to say this is going to be my favourite fall trend. 
The tribal print tee is one of my current was a steal for the price.

Tshirt- BK Market, Calcutta (Rs 350), Pants- BK Market (Rs 650), Shoes- BK Market (Rs 550), 
Watch- DKNY (Rs 9000), Bracelet- Exhibition (Rs 200)

21 thoughts on “More Oxblood”

  1. Sayantani! I'm so glad I'm following you. Your outfits make me drool. You have such a good sense of clothing! after looking at those pants and those shoes-i'm definitely going to BK market this november!!! They are crazy cooool 🙂


  2. its safest to pair red with black n white… will u do a post where i can learn what other colors to match a red with ??? i have one and play it very safe with only whites and blacks or blues…


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