Come hail, storm or rain…

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

I’d like to believe season changes are Mother Nature’s way of bringing some joy in our lives. Because new season bring with it the joy of a wardrobe transition.
I love the rains, mostly when I can sit at home with a hot mug of coffee and listen to the sound of the rain. However, braving the heavy rains and getting about your life  is the difficult part. But come hail, storm or rain, we don’t really stop dressing up, do we?

So here are some do’s and don’ts to get you through this season!

Monsoon Do’s

  • Choosing the right pair of shoes is most important this season. I avoid wearing my favourite pairs!
  • Buy a pair of rain shoes. Owning a pair of plastic and rubber shoes is a must. 
  • To avoid the mud water stains at the back of your jeans or pants, wear them with buckled shoes or the ones with straps to keep your feet firmly fitted to it.
  • The good old days of ugly duckback gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats are dead! You get them in pretty colours and prints now.
  • When it comes to clothes, avoid thick fabrics as they take longer to dry. Opt for light cottons and chiffons.
  • Opt for dresses, skirts, shorts and capris over jeans.
  • Cropped pants were definitely invented to get you through this season. No cropped pants? Roll up your regular pants and you’re good to go.
  • The sun is playing hide-and-seek and its cloudy and gloomy. Opt for brights. Dress in the colours of the rainbow.
  • Though sometimes its fun to dress in the colours of the monsoon..greys and blacks. Add a pop of colour if you like!
  • A pair of light blazer for the days it gets a little chilly.

Monsoon Don’ts

  • I don’t really believe in don’ts but you need to pack up your suede shoes and keep it at the back of your wardrobe.
  • Wedges over stilletoes this season because when your high heels go into the soggy and muddy ground, it is not cool!
  • I try avoiding whites especially when the rains are crazy. You wouldn’t want to be all see-through, right?
  • Full-length palazzos, maxis are best left alone during heavy rains. If you have to wear them, wear it with wedges.

Cropped wide-legged pants!
Rain shoes!
Rain accessory umbrella!

(Shirt- Siliguri (Gifted), Pants- BK Market, Calcutta (Rs 450), Shoes- Crocs (Rs 1600), Dress- Tailored, Bellerinas-Westside, Umbrella-Hong Kong Market, Siliguri)

I love receiving your feedback. This post is for a very sweet reader Pallavi! And I’ve also added the prices as Sayantini, another reader asked me to.

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Sharing my ‘Today I’m Wearing’ pictures I usually share on Instagram and Twitter today because I’m too lazy to do a proper outfit post. There’s laziness and then work!

 This is one of my favourites. The heart print top I love!
 Lunch with friends. Keeping it casual
 This top is a DIY. I wish I could show you the back!
 Me and glasses. I’m blind without them. And polka dots. Love!
 Floral prints and maple leaf print. Mixing prints!

 Independence Day! You ought to be in Indian wear!
 4am. Playing dress up with sister. Yes, that’s her in the background!
 Pretty embroidery!
 Trying to wear more ethnic clothes these days!

 You know I love florals!
 New shoes from Catwalk
Favourite earrings at the moment

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Do it the midi way

If I ever come across a time machine, I’d transport back to the eras where skirts and dresses were of a decent length. I wouldn’t mind the 60’s (the mini era) but then I’d have to beg god to give me flaunt-able and not-so-fat legs!
There is nothing as feminine and comfortable as a flowing midi skirt. And what’s more, they’re perfect office wear too. For me at least, considering we can wear anything to work..the perks of working for a newspaper.

Yet Another Blogger’s Meet

The best part about blogging really is the people you meet. I’m so glad to have met people I call friends now. I will not blabber much in this post and let you enjoy the pictures from the Four Seasons Wine event. 

 Top-Vero Moda
Pants- Bossini
Shoes-Charles and Keith
Bag-Shopper’s Stop
Ring-Forever New

Picture credit: Anupriya and Debi

Wine and more…

You don’t say no to an event if it involves wine, food and your favourite bloggers, do you? So when Four Seasons Wines decided to host a lunch (a food and wine pairing event) solely for bloggers, I was overjoyed.

A lazy afternoon of drinks and food with seven pretty ladies and our host for the afternoon Shamita Singha (brand ambassador of Four Seasons Wines) and at the Oasis Restaurant in Park Street. Shamita told us all we had to know about pairing wine with food and also broke a few myths. For one, it is not necessary to pair white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. Ideally, white wine goes well with lighter foods and red with heavier ones. Wine is supposed to enhance the flavours of your food. But if you’d like, you could pair wine with your regular daal-chawal. Wines are not just about fine dining.

To really enjoy the taste of the wine, you follow the 4 S’s. See. Swirl. Smell. Sip. You notice the colour of the wine against a well-lit background and then keep the glass on the table and swirl. This is to bring out the aromas of the wine and to open it up a bit since it has been bottled up for a long time. You then dig your nose into the glass and take in the aroma. Sip. Let the wine stay in your mouth for a while and roll it around your mouth before gulping it down. Wine must also be served at the correct temperature, which is approx 14 to 18 degrees for red wine and 8 to 12 degrees for white/rosé wines.

We tasted four wines. The Chenin Blanc, which is an off-dry white wine, was paired with the entres, Veg Wantons and Herb Infused Chicken Reshmi Kebab. I personally felt kebabs go better with red wines. For main course, we were served Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce and Masala Au Gratin paired with Viognier, which is a dry white wine. It is easy to differentiate the two wines from its colour itself and while Chenin Blanc had hints of fresh apple, citrus and honey, Viognier had a more floral aroma with hints of apple, apricot, peach and spice. We had the Blush wine next and this is my favourite. From the colour, to the smell and the taste, this was the best. It is an off-dry still rosé wine, salmon pink in colour. It has this very nice smell of  freshly crushed strawberries and hints of sweet spice and it tastes deliciously fruity with balancing acidity. After our Brownie with Ice cream dessert, it was time for the red wine, Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This left me pleasantly surprised! I loved it so much so that all I’ve been drinking these days is red wine. I have always preferred white wines to red. But, I think red wine is finally growing on me.

And just for your information, you could drink wine almost guilt-free since it is the most natural of all alcoholic drinks as it does not contain spirit. So drink away! Not too much though okay?

PS- Pictures with my girls in the next post 🙂

Ramble on because this is my blog

*you could just skip this post. Late night rambling below*

Outfit posts are so much simpler than writing feelings. Daunting too..considering all the people that will read the post. As much as I love the blog, it makes me feel naked there is just too much of me and my life here. The truth is I like writing feelings, the little happenings in my life. I only wish I cared less about what people think when they’re reading it. But I can’t. That’s me. I will overthink. Well yes, I have tried not overthinking. Believe me, its bloody tiring! I will think what are my colleagues are going to say if I wear that to office and are my friends going to approve if I do that and no I shouldn’t tweet that  people are going to think I’m crazy. There are times I care a damn but I’m probably possessed then. Its that rare!
By the way, do you see the contradiction here? I’m telling you it scares me what people are going to say/think but I sit here writing insane late night thoughts, which I’m determined to post knowing I’ll regret it tomorrow. Maybe, I am possessed.