Maxi Love!

Dress: Fashion and You (Rs 650)
Neckpiece: Street Shop
Bag: Some Exhibition
Sunnies: Mango

One of those days when I have so much to say but don’t really want to make the effort to say it. I’ve been moody and life hectic. Shifting is a pain. Buying a domain is another big pain. If you’ve noticed the blog url remains the same. I had to blog to feel feels weird to stay away from the blog for long.
Ask me about the weather and I’d say Calcutta hasn’t seen a hotter summer. Maxis are getting me through the summer and it’s amazing cos it looks good on most body types..hides the unwanted fat so well *triumphant laugh* How are you getting through the summer?

23 thoughts on “Maxi Love!”

  1. Hello pretty lady, you are looking ravishing here! I adore adore this light maxi on you, makes you look so fairy-like. Also, gorgeous bag! As always, you're lovely.

    Love, Miffalicious. []


  2. You look great in that maxi dress! The color combination looks perfect for the weather!
    And about the heat in Kolkata, I have been hearing about that from every one! Take care:)


  3. i thought twice i was gonna die because of the heat!!love that know you look so much like this friend i have that everytime i look at you i'm reminded of her…the maxi's beautiful and so is that neck piece!i'm desperately searching for a pair of denim shorts…it's hard to find my size..


  4. Maxi dresses are the best. I own only one right now but I can't wear it before sunset because it's transparent when sunlight goes through it. Got it at H&M. Now need to wait until our next India trip so I can get a slip made!


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