Vibgyor Challenge

Tunic worn as Top- Fashion and You
Skirt- Gifted
Shoes- Be Stylish
Earrings- Street stall
Bag- Thailand

This white skirt is my absolute favourite. Something I’d keep with me all my life and pass it down to my kids, if and when I have one. This was the last gift from my favourite uncle before he passed away. It means more to me than anything else in my wardrobe.
And this was my outfit for the InFB VIBGYOR challenge. You can check the post here. So much colour. You can also check the InFB Facebook page for individual pictures. And all of you who thought I’d won the challenge..well, I did in a way considering that every participant is a winner, according to InFB. How sweet na?

Big Bold Florals

Dress-AJ Store
Shoes- Simpark, Calcutta
Bangles/Bracelets- Street shops, Exhibitions
Neckpiece- Gifted

The best part about summer is a summer dress. And BIG BOLD florals make the heat and the humidity of Indian summer bearable. Well, almost! So this summer is a garden party. However, big bold florals can be very daunting

  • If you are not the overtly girly type, add florals to your outfit in small bits..a floral bag or shoes
  • If the floral print is bold and vibrant, keep the rest of your outfit simple. You don’t want to be looking like a Christmas tree, do you? 
  • You can do away with the accessories and pair it with nude shoes. That way you don’t divert attention from the floral print
  • Sometimes its okay to go overboard. Add a stack of bracelets or beads to your neck. Go boho chic.

The wind was playing spoil sport hence my hair is all over the place! And I am overjoyed to tell you I may finally have a photographer for the little cousin *fingers crossed* Though yes he doesn’t work for free he says..not like he’s a real photographer but really what would you do without brothers! Can’t live with can’t live without.

In other news, I took part in the InFB Vibgyor Challenge where you use five or more of the VIBGYOR colours to create something fashionable. I received this cute badge from them. The pictures with all the other participants will soon be up n the InFB blog!

Change is the only constant

 Top- Boutique in Calcutta
Skirt- Globus
Neck piece- An exhibition
Bracelet- Sypra via 99 labels
Ring- Street Shop
Shoes- Simpark, Calcutta

I hate changes. And yes, I realize that this is the 100th time I’m saying it here. But all this time I was saying it without knowing anything about the change that happens within us. Yea, we all change over the years. I did too. But when your beliefs/characteristics that defined you start to change..that is strange and scary. It is an emotional tumult..not necessarily sad or happy. I don’t know how to embrace this change. I eventually will, I know and happily so. It’s just the getting used to that takes times. I realize now more than ever that change is the only constant and it somehow gives me some relief.  

Maxi Love!

Dress: Fashion and You (Rs 650)
Neckpiece: Street Shop
Bag: Some Exhibition
Sunnies: Mango

One of those days when I have so much to say but don’t really want to make the effort to say it. I’ve been moody and life hectic. Shifting is a pain. Buying a domain is another big pain. If you’ve noticed the blog url remains the same. I had to blog to feel feels weird to stay away from the blog for long.
Ask me about the weather and I’d say Calcutta hasn’t seen a hotter summer. Maxis are getting me through the summer and it’s amazing cos it looks good on most body types..hides the unwanted fat so well *triumphant laugh* How are you getting through the summer?