Summer is here

Yes, I’ve been dreaming about this for long. Dreaming of sun basking in a garden in the perfect summer dress and Prada baroque sunglasses.
Snap back into reality. Hello Calcutta..the garden soon replaced by dusty polluted roads and the warm sun replaced by scorching heat that almost burns my skin. So much for sun basking. And my sunglasses? Oh well, let’s just leave that out. Welcome to my life!
Okay, so I am a little really isn’t as bad as I just made it sound. At least the day I wore this dress wasn’t. I wore this to the Calcutta Blogger’s Meet!

I could wear florals all year round and if you’ve noticed I kind of do that. But, since summer/spring is synonymous with florals, I tend to overwear them. I promise not to kill you with an overdose of florals this season though!

 You know the kind of dress you don’t really have to worry about accessorizing cos it is that pretty? This is that kinda dress for me. Though I did accessorize this time..I was meeting the bloggers duh!


 And did you notice the new haircut? *poses for you*

Dress- Oasis via Clothes Rack (Rs 900)
Shoes- Aldo (Rs 1500 on sale)
Neckpiece- Street shop (Rs 200)
Cuff- Exhibition
Bag- China

I am submitting this for the InFB Remix:Florals

13 thoughts on “Summer is here”

  1. Ha ha…you were meeting with bloggers,huh! Guess I was the most shabbily dressed one then!:-(
    And you look super pretty! Goes without saying though. If I forgot to tell you that day,I LOVED your neck piece! So,so,vintage-y!


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