Another ‘floral’ day

I have nothing much to say today. I’ll just share some inspiring lines with you
“Even in the most dreary of the day
When the sun has set, the stars do stay
He opens a window if He closes the door
You might not have riches but people who adore
Every cloud has a silver lining
It’s always possible to find good in everything
Whether it’s raining or even if it pours
There is always always always something to be thankful for.

 Shirt-Fashion and You (Rs 450)
Pants- Promod (Rs 3000ish)
Bag- Shree Ram Arcade, Kolkata (Rs 800)
Sandals- Aldo (Rs 1500)
Sunnies- Idee, Shopper’s Stop (Rs 2000)

As you can make out by the pictures, it is really really hot here and the more airy the clothes now, the better. I cannot stand anything that sticks to my body at least not in this weather. So, I decided to wear this outfit for lunch with friends. My treat it first-salary-treat 🙂 We had the best of kebabs.
I was contemplating altering the shirt, but it is so airy and loose, I let it be. And it is floral printed..doesn’t get better for summer, right?

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New from the Old

‘Everything I want I have:
Money, notoriety and rivieras.
I even think I found God
In the flash bulbs of the pretty cameras,
Pretty cameras, pretty cameras.
Am I glamorous? Tell me am I glamorous?’

Fashion is more than donning pretty clothes. Fashion is not possessing a closet full of ‘in’ clothes/accessories/shoes. It is a way of expression. It is expressing yourself, your personality without words. It is creating something new out of the old, about mixing and matching. Your body is your canvas and your clothes are your paint. Paint as you like. 
I don’t know how many of you agree, but fashion, I think, is subjective. Who are you or me or anyone else to dictate the rules of fashion..this is fashionable and that is not. Yes, I’ve whispered into my best friend’s ears too “Omg! What is she wearing?” But, really have we ever considered that, that is how she interprets fashion? Why judge her sense of style?
Remember in school how if we were given the same colours, we managed to paint something totally different? That is how it is. We can buy the same clothes but we end up styling it to suit our personalities. Yes yes..there are a few who copy in the literal sense of the term and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it! We have to live with it.
Wear what you want, how ever you want. Don’t be a slave to trends and let your outfit speak for you.

Top- Latin Quarters (Rs 350 on sale)
Dress worn as skirt- AND (Rs 1900)
Shoes- Charles & Keith (Rs 1800 on sale)
Cuffs- Exhibition
Clutch- China
Belt- Metro Plaza, Calcutta 

The other day while I was playing dress up, I stumbled upon this dress I’d bought for my birthday in 2010. I absolutely love this dress..more so because I partly bought it with a gift voucher I received from a client during my first internship. But, it hasn’t been worn enough. So one and a half year later, I wanted to wear the dress differently and this look came to me so easily. I love stripes for summers! I added the belt and the lipstick for some colour.

Summer is here

Yes, I’ve been dreaming about this for long. Dreaming of sun basking in a garden in the perfect summer dress and Prada baroque sunglasses.
Snap back into reality. Hello Calcutta..the garden soon replaced by dusty polluted roads and the warm sun replaced by scorching heat that almost burns my skin. So much for sun basking. And my sunglasses? Oh well, let’s just leave that out. Welcome to my life!
Okay, so I am a little really isn’t as bad as I just made it sound. At least the day I wore this dress wasn’t. I wore this to the Calcutta Blogger’s Meet!

I could wear florals all year round and if you’ve noticed I kind of do that. But, since summer/spring is synonymous with florals, I tend to overwear them. I promise not to kill you with an overdose of florals this season though!

 You know the kind of dress you don’t really have to worry about accessorizing cos it is that pretty? This is that kinda dress for me. Though I did accessorize this time..I was meeting the bloggers duh!


 And did you notice the new haircut? *poses for you*

Dress- Oasis via Clothes Rack (Rs 900)
Shoes- Aldo (Rs 1500 on sale)
Neckpiece- Street shop (Rs 200)
Cuff- Exhibition
Bag- China

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Meeting the bloggers!

 I’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet another blogger in person. A little awkward, maybe? since I take a lot of time to really open up. But, meeting the Calcutta bloggers was like meeting old awkwardness at all.After days of planning and clearly bugging everyone on twitter with our long conversations, we decided to meet for lunch at Peter Cat. Four pretty Bong ladies meet on Bengali New Year 🙂 While Ayantika of Bong’s Belleza, Soumi of Sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectual-dancer and me of course, were, well..loud and talkative, our very own Anupriya of Chappals vs Stilletoes was the quintessential lady..soft spoken and talking when required. And let me tell you something, when fashion bloggers meet they just don’t discuss fashion *at least we didn’t* We talked about our lives, men, our favourite bloggers, went shopping together *yes, we did* and took pictures for each other. Ahh! the joy of not having to direct the photographer for a close up or to focus on the accessories…unparalleled! All in all, a fun day it was!

Summer Essentials: White!

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

When I was going through a break up some two years back, I remember quite a few people telling me ‘I don’t know how you’re going through this. I would have never been able to do this’ They said it unintentionally of course without a hint that it was making me feel worse. I hated hearing these words. Like really, I didn’t choose to go through this! It’s like I could hear them say ‘Thank God I don’t have to go through this!’ or worse, ‘See how rosy my life is right now!’ I struggled to explain to them that if, God forbid, you had to go through this, you would have, because there is no other option. What other choice do you have than go through it, tell me? Please don’t tell me killing yourself is an option! You could sit in a room and cry for days but in the end you have to move on with your life. Yes, now it really depends on you to take it in your stride or not. I think we human beings are built in such a way that we can deal with a lot of shit. Don’t we all at some point put on our best smile even when our mind is in a turmoil? That is strength too. You have no idea how much strength you possess. So, when you are going through a rough patch, remember you have the strength to deal with it, ‘kay? And please, next time before you go ‘How are you dealing with this..I would never have been able to’, think again.

 We can’t go through summer without white, no? This pale white top is so girly I just had to buy it. And since I cannot do without colours, I’ve added the red wedges, floral clutch and yellow neckpiece! Honestly, the outfit looked much better in my head!

Top- A J Store (Rs 450)
Pants- Bossini (Rs 1300-ish)
Clutch- Shoppers’ Stop (Rs 1100)
Neckpiece- Gifted
Wedges- Lady Gaga, Kolkata (Rs 650 on sale)

Colour Me Pretty

This one time during college, I was very upset *I don’t remember the reason* but I remember being very upset. I went to a friend’s place and she tried cheering me up. She gave up in the end and started showing me the new fabrics she’d got. She had a small clothing line of her own so she was showing me the new fabrics she’d got and I saw this beautiful print in bright red and blue and I cannot tell you how happy it made me! The colours instantly cheered me up #TrueStory Yes, I did end up getting a top made in that print..though I wasn’t too happy with the end product, I like it enough to wear it a lot.
Colours make me happy. I rarely opt for a black and white outfit but even when I do, I make it a point to add a pop of colour. I instantly like people who wear a lot of colours. I think men who can carry off bright colours are H.A.W.T. As a kid, it amazed me how you could add two colours and bham! we had a third colour! During art classes, I always added red and white to make pink instead of just using pink. Maybe that is the reason I love spring so much. The colours. The new flowers on the trees, the colourful fruit stalls…spring makes the world a brighter place. Brighter place=Happier place. Though spring here literally means summer and as mush as I crib about the heat and humidity, I’d choose summer/spring over winter anyday just for the colours!

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Mixing two bold colours so I kept it simple with the accessories. Yellow is such a summer colour, no?

Top- Sisley (Bought on sale)
Pant- ASOS (Rs 1300)
Shoes- Simpark, Kolkata
Neck piece- Thrifted
Bag- Alcott (Rs 600)

The other day my colleagues were discussing how they associate people with colours. I kept wondering why had I never done that cos I would have loved to do that! I googled about it and excuse my ignorance, I had no idea synesthesia existed! (It is a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.) It’s like you see colors in your mind when you think of certain people. And apparently associating emotions with colors is also a part of synesthesia. Read more about synesthetes

Have you ever associated people with colour?