Christmas Morning!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I did. I told you here that all I wanted to do for Christmas this year was to go to church and thank God for all the lovely people in my life.

So I did go and to the best-est church in Calcutta-St. Paul’s Cathedral. Since I missed the mass, I thought I would go to church, light a candle and pray for a while. But it was super crowded and it seemed to me like it was sight-seeing day in enter in a line and come out in one! And no! you cannot stand there for even a minute and pray *forget, lighting a candle*

Then, we decided to go to our college chapel but the traffic was so bad..and we reached really late AND it was time for me to leave for work. So we ate at Mc Donald’s since it was the only place that wasn’t super crowded and I left for work!

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, I was super excited as it is my off-day,  But on Christmas Eve, my boss asked me to come on Christmas because they were falling short of staff! So I did go. But I have the sweetest colleagues ever..they let me go early because I had plans.

I love the ruffles!

I ordered these pants from ASOS in October and it finally it reached me in December..I did a happy dance when I saw the package! For some reason, the standard shipping ASOS uses doesn’t like me. The first time I ordered from ASOS, my top never reached me. And by the time I contacted customer care, it was out of stock so they refunded the money. But I must say, their customer care is really good. When I contacted them about my pants, they sent it again and it finally reached me.
I opened the package with the kind of joy, I really cannot explain. And I see that I ordered size 14..which was more than just loose for me! After a two-month wait, that is what I saw! But, thank God for good tailors!

Let’s be grateful

Sometimes there is nothing perfect about our lives but there’s also nothing imperfect about it. It is probably ‘just fine.’ That is how my life was yesterday and the spur of a moment, things changed. I feel like I have lived half my life in just one day. However, things are under control now 🙂
But like every experience in life, this too has taught me something. 
  • I will now be more grateful for everything and every person in my life instead of just asking for more and cribbing about my imperfect life.
  •  Oh yes! I do believe in destiny and luck now. 
  • It is important to be strong for others sometimes.
This is what I’d worn for a breakfast with friends recently, which you already know about if you are on my twitter. A picture of the yummy food (parts of it) here
A not-so-nice close up for the neckpiece
Christmas is almost here and blogosphere seems all prepared for it. All I want to do this Christmas is go to a church and thank God for everything! *I don’t do that a lot*

What are your plans this Christmas?


Here comes more of Arunachal. 

Shungetser Lake..also known as Madhuri Lake cos’ her film Koyla was shot there.

As I already mentioned, it is a beautiful place but even now, when people ask me about my trip, I first thing I remember is the long road trip that nearly broke every bone in my body. The roads are horrible Actually there are no roads  yet. That part of India is still very underdeveloped and the harsh mountainous terrain doesn’t make it any better.

Vacation- Arunachal Pradesh

My hair looks funny! The weather there made my hair really dry 😦
You see that cute little doll on my bag?

One of my favourite colours- mustard yellow


Look at the joy on my face on seeing snow all around!
More snow..yay!

13700 feet! 

Beautiful place, no?

The water looks so clear

I’d gone on a family vacation to Arunachal Pradesh in October. It is a beautiful state! The pictures say it all. I will not bore you with my talks anymore since this is already such a picture heavy post. I have so much to tell you though 😀

Hope you’ll like the pictures..more Arunachal pictures in the next post 🙂

Home and back!

Thank you for sympathizing with me..I know one thing for sure..I will never miss another train again in my life..even if it means going to the station an hour early ( If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see here). As Pratishtha put it, it was epic sad!

But I did manage to reach home in time to see my cousin get married 🙂 I have the sweetest dad ever! He booked me a flight ticket for the next day and sent the car to pick me up even though they needed it real bad at the venue. Since there is no airport in my hometown, I had to travel another 5 to 6 hours and let me tell you, my flight was late and the traffic was horrible. The groom kept calling me up and was nearly late for his marriage.

BUT all’s well that ends well and I reached on time 🙂

I have a feeling December is going to be a good month after all.

Sorry about the picture quality! My camera’s with my brother..not that it is too good, but better than this

You must already know how much I love this print. When I saw this at an exhibition here, I just had to buy it..I hope I don’t bore you with this shirt cos you’re going to see this shirt very very often.

Remember I told you how broke I was last month? Seems I still found a way to shop! What’s online shopping for and what is your father’s credit card for? Now the only horrible thing is, the scolding I am going to get once my dad finds out!

Horrible start to the most-awaited month!

It’s my cousin’s wedding tomorrow and I missed the train back home! So much for a happy December and this was the first time I was travelling alone by I will forever remain a baby for my parents..who btw are really pissed! Actually no its just my dad’s the sweetest.
Is it ok if I whine a little right now? I guess it is cos I am really upset. I was so prepared for the wedding and excited! I haven’t gone home in ages and I so want to go NOW! I don’t want to miss the wedding..stupid stupid stupid Calcutta traffic! I wish Superman really existed..I’d beg him to let me sit on his back and fly me home 😦 I want to go home! I had everything planned in my head..I was so excited to meet all my cousins..shopped for myself and my nephew and that stupid train!
And it was such a DDLJ scene ( Bollywood movie) just that there was no one to extend his hand and pull me onto the train!

Anyway, this is what I’d bought for the wedding..I tried it on like a million times last night!

Welcome December! Horrible start but I’m hoping you’d be nicer now..